Protect Charitable Giving in any Fiscal Cliff Deal

Don’t Reform Taxes on the Backs of Those in Need!

An effort to curtail charitable giving incentives has escalated. Please speak up today to protect charities' ability to help people in need.

Multiple reports indicate that fiscal cliff negotiators are considering limits to the charitable deduction to pay for deficit reduction.  This is a bad idea that will only harm those struggling the most in this economic downturn.

While addressing the fiscal cliff is critical, shifting the burden to those in need is not the solution. At the same time that government funding for human services is being cut by tens of billions of dollars, we cannot afford to limit charities' capacity to serve communities. That amounts to a double-hit for people who need help the most.


Read and Share: Check out this U.S. News and World Reports Op-Ed written by Brian Gallagher, CEO of United Way Worldwide and Rev. Larry Snyder, CEO of Catholic Charities USA.  Spread the word with your network.

Use your Voice:  Please urge your federal representatives to oppose changes to the charitable deduction today!  Click here to email your member of Congress in support of the work of nonprofits in your community.