Tocqueville Society

The Alexis de Tocqueville Society, now known as The Tocqueville Society, was created by United Way of America in 1972. The Tocqueville Society of the River Region United Way was formed in 1984 to deepen individual understanding of, commitment to, and support of United Way’s work: advancing the common good by creating opportunities for a better life for all. This unique society recognizes people who have rendered outstanding voluntary service in their communities and contribute significant annual gifts to the River Region United Way.

The Society's name was chosen because of the 19th century French diplomat Alexis de Tocqueville's admiration for the spirit of voluntary association and voluntary effort for the common good - a spirit he had observed in America and about which he wrote enthusiastically. The Tocqueville Society of the River Region United Way is grateful for the generosity of its members and recognizes their deep commitment to philanthropy and community service.

2015-16 Members of The Tocqueville Society
of the River Region United Way


Ordre de Fraternité
Margaret and Jimmy Lowder*


Ordre de Liberté
Loree and Owen Aronov
Maureen and Arthur Britton
Joyce and John Caddell
Elizabeth Crump
Joyce and Truman Hobbs, Sr.*
Bobby Weil*

Membres de la Socié
Ginny and Eddie Adair Heather and William McConnell
Mary and Sam Adams Jennifer and Forrest McConnell, III
Ann and John Albritton, Jr. Kathie and Mac McLeod
Jane and Greg Allen Amy and Tom Methvin
Anonymous Susu and Temple Millsap, III
Jake Aronov Joan and Bill Mitchell
Nan and Ronnie Barganier Pat and John Moorehouse
Amelia and Rocky Barnes Charlotte and Joe Mussafer
Terri and Mac Barnes, III Peggy and Maurice Mussafer
Bonnie and Carl Barranco Linda and Larry Puckett
Sara and Jere Beasley, Sr. Winston and Gene Reese
Linda and Sandy Benkwith Emilie and Bruce Reid
Sally and Young Boozer, III Cathy and Jim Ridling
Lynda and Dave Borden Jane F. Rothschild and Mario Castura
Cathy Caddell and Charlie Warnke Susan and Bob Runkle
Dorothy Cameron Carlyn and Steve Russell
Gail and George Clements Janey and Keith Sabel
Julie and Lanny Crane Dawn and Adam Schloss
Katherine and Eric Crum Jean and Steve Schloss
Jennifer and Glenn Crumpton Cindy and Bob Seibels
Ginny and Ben Cumbus Janet and Ned Sheffield
Suzanne and Steve Davidson Emily and George Smith, Jr.
Morris Dees Beverly and Richard Stabler
Leah and Chris Dubberly Winnie and Charlie Stakely
Janice and Russ Dunman Trey Starke, III
Nancy and Lee Ellis Robin and Eddie Stewart
Tootsie Emmet* Eddie Stivers
Laura and Barrie Harmon, III Linda and Todd Strange
Cindy and Thomas Harris Ernestine and Robbins Taylor, Sr.
Camille and Inge Hill, Jr. Lisa and Vernon Taylor
Gene and Ray Ingram Kelley and Galen Thackston
Kent and Mike Jenkins, IV Alice and David Thrasher
Brenda and Chuck Jordan, III Helen Till
Mary and Keith Karst Julia and Bill Wallace
Sug and Tommy Keene Lisa and Andy Weil, III
Jeila and Knox Kershaw Sheila and Bobby Weil, II
Jane and Jim Klingler Kathy and Eddie Welch, Jr.
Eleanor and Pee Wee Kohn Diane and Buzz Wendland
Pat and Jerry Kyser, Sr. Patricia and Billy Williamson, Jr.
Mary Lynne Levy Corinna and Barry Wilson
Carol and Jamie Loeb, Jr. Kelly and Will Wilson
Joan Loeb* Susie and Jim Wilson, III
Cindy and Gaeton Lorino Laurie Jean Weil and Tommy Wool
Laura and Mike Luckett Mary Lee and John Yelverton, III
Lucy and Hans Luquire Angie and Philip Young
Suzy and Jim Massey, III  
  * Founding Member
† Deceased

All Tocqueville Society members are listed in the national Tocqueville Society directory and receive special recognition in our Annual Report and on our website (unless they prefer to remain anonymous). These generous contributors are also invited to join their fellow Tocqueville Society members at special donor appreciation events.

At the spring event, the Tocqueville Society Award honors both individuals and couples for their continued commitment to philanthropy and advocacy. For more information about The Tocqueville Society Award of the River Region United Way, click here.


Last updated December 17, 2015