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The River Region United Way Board of Directors, staff and other professional volunteers with expertise in financial management and governance have established fiscal controls to ensure the highest level of accountability in our operations.

We believe we have a responsibility, both to our donors and to our community, to ensure that the dollars people entrust to River Region United Way are invested in ways that will produce the greatest measurable impact on lives, enabling our region to thrive. That responsibility is spelled out in our Donor Bill of Rights.  We also understand that as a donor, your privacy is important to us and we want you to know what your data and personal information is safe, as spelled out in our Donor Privacy Policy

Our investment strategy unites our network of affiliate agencies under a set of shared goals and ties our funding to the achievement of specific measurements, increasing the likelihood of driving substantial change in our region.

River Region United Way rigorously studies, personally inspects and requalifies each organization it supports — every year. Our staff and dozens of volunteer experts in our community evaluate and assist funded agencies in delivering services effectively and efficiently — by offering technical assistance and training; fiscal management and operations guidance; volunteer and board member recruitment, and much more.

We take the business of investing and managing your gifts very seriously. Our performance exceeds Better Business Bureau guidelines, due to stringent cost controls and the dedication of thousands of volunteers.  Our annual administrative and fundraising costs are consistent with the average overhead of United Ways of similar size throughout the country.  Our low overhead compares favorably to the suggested Better Business Bureau's recommendation and ensures that the vast majority of your money goes to people in need.

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FY 2019 Audited Financial Statements

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2018 IRS Form 990

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2018 Annual Report

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For the purposes of reaching a much broader audience and eliminating printing costs, RRUW produced a digital report for easy sharing. While ideal for viewing on a mobile device, the report can also be viewed on a PC (using the Page Down key or using your mouse to scroll down on far right side of screen).


2018 Financial Statement



2017 Annual Report



2017 IRS Form 990



2017 Financial Statement