Red Feather Leaders

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For more than a thousand years, the red feather has been used as a reward for special acts. England’s Black Prince, during the Crusades, awarded it for unusual acts of valor or chivalry. American Indians awarded red dyed eagle feathers to their most fearless braves, and Robin Hood awarded a red feather to his men for acts of exceptional goodness.

At the core of every worthwhile endeavor are leaders whose caring and personal leadership set the course for others. In our community, thousands of generous and caring individuals are partnering with River Region United Way to change lives and build community. The following individuals are recognized as Red Feather Leaders and have contributed between $2,499 and $1,000 annually.

To learn more about the River Region United Way Leadership Giving program contact Brenda Dennis at 334.323.2502.

Every effort has been made to ensure accuracy however, not all organizations report individual donor data. If you are aware of an error or omission, please accept our apology and notify our Donor Relations staff at 334.323.2547.


2015-2016 Red Feather Leaders

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Jean Adams
Holly Adcock
John Adkison
Bart A. Aldridge
Deanie Allen
Louise M. Arnold
Shapard D. Ashley
Claire H. Austin
Bonnee B. Bailey
Jannah M. Bailey
Dennis R. Bailey
Mark Baker
Richard A. Ball, Jr.
Robin S. Barca
Brandon J. Barker
G. Carlton Barker
Robert L. Barlow, Jr.
Bill E. Barranco
Jacqueline S. Beazley
John C. Bell
Larry D. Bern
Janet K. Bigham
John S. Bowman
Richard L. Bradford
Nettie E. Bresee
Reese H. Bricken
Michael S. Briddell
William M. Bridger
Rita Brown
Rhonda E. Brown
Ronald C. Brown, Jr.
Anna Buckalew
Bob A. Buss
Mac M. Caddell
Leura G. Canary
Lucinda Chappelle
Todd Childers
Boyd Christenberry
Dennis Cieszynski
Kevin L. Clark
Tracy  Clecker
Charles G. Cleveland, (RET)
Stephen L. Cloues
Sandy J. Coaker
William D. Coleman
Edwin P. Collier
Robert M. Combs
George W. Connell
William L. Cox
George H. Cox
Barry O. Crabb
Gene  Crane
Brett C. Crawford
Billie M. Crawford
Dave  Crenshaw
Edward F. Crowell
Billy R. Daniels
Ronald G. Davenport
W. Jason Davis
Heather C. Davis
M. Taylor Dawson, Jr.
Mike A. Dean, Sr.
David Dennis
Gary Donegan
Bruce J. Downey, III
Leigh Dykes
Robert Edmonds, Jr.
Kim Fehl
John Fendley
Pedro N. Ferro
Tranum Fitzpatrick
Thomas G. Flowers
W. Dane Floyd
Nimrod T. Frazer, Jr.
Beebe R. Frederick, Jr.
Clint Freeman, Jr.
Peter Frey
Nancy L. Goins
Donny C. Goodwin
Robert C. Granfeldt, Jr.
Andy T. Grigsby
Larry A. Groce
Polly B. Hardegree
Scott Harris
Donald W. Harris
Clynt Hart, Jr.
Michael Hart
Dawn Hathcock
D. Harrison Hawke
Kevin N. Haynes
Timothy D. Herndon
Robin M. Hill
Richard P. Hodges
Carol L. Hodges
Roger W. Holmes, Jr.
Randall O. Householder
Renee B. Hubbard
Joseph L. Hubbard
William D. Hughes, Sr.
Caryn C. Hughes
Kimberly F. Hughes
Fred D. Hunker
Donald Hunter
Hank Hutchinson
Phyllis S. Ingram
Margaret E. Jakes
James T. Jakes
D. Kyle Johnson
Amy Johnson
Frank Johnston, Jr.
Earl Earl Jones
George Kent
Anne D. King
Pete R. Knight, Jr.
Robert B. Kohn
Mike L. Lamar
Russell B. Lassiter
Richard B. Lawson, III
Arthur M. Leadingham, Jr.
Heidi H. Lee
Martin A. Lee
Harold M. Lee
Russell Levy
Jimmy Levy
Ashley C. Lough
Freddie Lynn, Jr.
William K. Martin
Arthur Mazyck
Yvonne L. McGinn
Charles T. McLemore
Tina McManama
Thomas McPherson, Jr.
Duncan B. McRae, Jr.
Ruth K. Mieher
Thomas M. Miller
Ruth Miller-Frost
Tony Mills
L. Jerry Mitchell
Terry T. Mitchell
Thomas R. Morgan
Cathy Mozingo
Jeffrey B. Myer
Josh Myers
Robert W. Nanney
David B. Neeland
Forrest Neeley
Joe Newell
Sandra Nickel
Robert F. Northcutt
Tabor R. Novak, Jr.
Robert H. Owen, Jr.
Larry E. Palmer
Robert Patrick
Patti G. Perdue
Ray B. Petty
J. Scott Pierce
Junie Pierce, III
William M. Pierce
C. McGavock Porter
Richard H. Powell, IV
Shaw Pritchett
Derrick Pritsch
Karen B. Pugh
Robert Ramsey
Mike A. Ranieri
Larry Ransburgh
Edward G. Reifenberg
Janet R. Roberts
Cecil Robins
James J. Rosser
Alan E. Rothfeder
James W. Rutland, IV
Charles S. Saliba
David E. Sanders
Charles B. Savage
Tracy L. Scully
Bobby D. Segall
Gregory E. Sellers
Mamie M. Sellers
Patrick M. Shegon
Dennis K. Shepard
Rhonda  Sibley
M. Chad Singletary
Ann W. Sippial
Deborah S. Smith
Rudolph Smith, III
Janet R. Smith
Howard Snider, Jr.
Charles M. Soloman
Debra D. Spain
Roger A. Spain
Amanda Spiers
Draper Stanford
Karl K. Stegall
Beverly Stoudemire-Howlett
Jimmy M. Stubbs
John H. Sumners
Elizabeth S. Sutton
Sherry L. Tatum
Erin E. Tench
Lamar Thompson
Daniel Thompson
Elisabeth P. Thompson
James Thrash
Robert D. Threlkeld
Bryan K. Tucker
Monica R. Van Diver
Thomas J. Vocino
Ben W. Walker, III
Dorman Walker
James N. Walter, Jr.
Alan E. Weil, Sr.
Mark M. Weinrib
John W. Weissend
Christopher W. Weller
Jason Wells
Barbara J. Wells
Milton A. Wendland
Tommy R. West
Margaret M. Whatley
Billy Whigham
Brett Wilkinson
Michael C. Williams
Susan J. Willower
Jeff Windham
Paul Winn
Joel Winslett
Timothy T. Womble
Leonard W. Yarbrough
Glenn A. Yates