The Tocqueville Society Award of River Region United Way

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The Tocqueville Society Award of River Region United Way honors both individuals and couples for their continued commitment to philanthropy and advocacy. Their efforts are recognized as both tangible in impact and significant in scope to the community as a whole. Their sustained service is worthy of recognition and vitally important in advancing the common good.

Award Recipients

1988    Adolph "Bucks" Weil, Jr.
1989    Elizabeth “Tootsie” Emmet
1990    Tom Somerville
1991    Jim Conway
1992    Donald W. Bogie
1993    Richard H. Amberg, Jr.
1994    Johnnie R. Carr
1995    M. Taylor Dawson, Jr.
1996    Robert S. Weil, Sr.
1997    Dave G. Borden
1998    Nellie C. Weil
1999    Laurie Jean Weil
2000    Alice Reynolds
2001    James K. Lowder
2003    Winifred and Charles Stakely
2003    Beverly D. Ross
2004    Jack Galassini
2005    Jim Ridling
2006    Ray Petty
2007    Jerry C. Kyser, Sr.
2008    Mike Jenkins, IV
2011    Mary Lynne and Jim Levy
2012    Joyce and Truman Hobbs, Sr.
2014    Joyce and John Caddell
2015    Joan Byck Loeb
2016    Laura and Barrie Harmon, III
2018    Julie and Lanny Crane

2019   Linda and Todd Strange

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For a complete list of current members of The Tocqueville Society of River Region United Way, click here.